What kind of trees do I want to plant?

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Trees for Northern Utah.  The other question we get all the time as Arborists is what are some good trees to plant…….have you heard the saying location, location, location? You first need to determine the purpose of your tree, is this a shade tree, a tree for privacy, or more ornamental? In all 3 instances location is a huge factor. When purchasing a tree it is important to know how big a mature tree will be. Most of the time when we are called out to remove an established tree it is because it has become too large and is too close to things like homes, buildings, and fences. Another complaint is the maintenance of some trees: leaves dropping, needles/pine cones, and many more. We have a list of trees that do great in Northern Utah and can help you pick the right ones for your area. There is also some great information on Utah trees if you go to: utahurbanforest.org and for individual tree details visit: treebrowser.org


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