About Ellisco Profiling & Grinding

Robert Ellis, the owner and president of Ellisco Profiling & Grinding, worked as the only employee for the first several years, building clientele and relationships from Montana to New Mexico. Ellis Profiling was the first company to bring an Inertial Profiler to the state of Utah. Inertial Profiling replaces the old style California profilograph with an updated system being able to capture smoothness of roadways at speeds of 20 to 70 miles an hour.

In 2005, as per the request of many of Ellisco’s customers, Chris Dudis joined forces with Robert Ellis. With Roberts expertise in profiling and smoothness and Chris’s experience with diamond grinding, the company has been growing and taking care of grinding and grooving roads all over the western United States. We primarily focus on Utah but we work with many good customers from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Because we really care about our work and try our hardest to meet the state and/or customer’s expectations, many of our customers have us on several jobs every year. This makes for really great friendships and an awesome working environment. We really care and want to make sure that when we finish the job that it’s done correctly and meets everybody’s expectations. We are a small company and the owners are often found out on the job working with the employees. If there’s ever questions or concerns that cannot be taken care of in the field then Chris or Robert are always willing to meet and take care of the concerns personally. We know there are other companies that do the same things that we do but we truly feel that we care more, work harder, and give a better finished product than any other company in our industry.


Over 20 Years of Experience


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Over 20 Years of Experience


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